A poem from Lancashire

Our dedicated walkers not only head out in all weathers but also demonstrate their Wordsworth like tendancies by walking around the countryside writing poetry.

The Great Harwood, Lancashire walkers call themselves the “One Sock Wonders” and Mary Waters from the group was inspired to write the following poem:

One-Sock Wonders

The One-Sock Walkers wander along the well-worn track

And as we go, we never know just what we may bring back.

We need no nets, no sample tubes, and no collecting box.

The thing that we are after will be carried on our socks.

Our quarry is a creature not seen in any zoo.

It’s called CAMPYLOBACTER, and it lives in cattle poo.

It visits uninvited, which isn’t too polite

But if you have it as your guest, then you’ll be up all night.

We note down other life forms as we seek campylobacter.

Ten sheep, an angler, three boy scouts, a farmer on his tractor.

It’s nice enough in sunshine to wander hill and dale,

But duty calls whatever, be it wind, or rain, or hail.

Along the river bank we march, then past the hollow tree.

With every step we may pick up a million Campy- B.

We get back to the starting point, and all remove our socks

And label ‘em, and bag ‘em up, and pop in the posting box.

The scientists will check them out, and count the germs they yield

And when they’ve finished their research, what truths may be revealed!

C.B. is quite an enigma, concealed within a mystery

But once the Boffins suss it out, then Campy- B is History

The church bells will be ringing, they’ll be dancing in the streets

And O.B.E. s and C.B. E.s will be handed out like sweets.

But if the ultimate honour comes, and we stand before the Queen

We’d better say “ No handshakes, Ma’am”

You don’t know where we’ve been!”

©Mary Waters June 2013


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