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30 June 2017: Are People ‘Rolling the Dice’ When It Comes to Food Safety?
A new study reveals the levels of bad behaviour in UK kitchens which increase the public’s risk of getting food poisoning

06 June 2017: Citizen Scientists Help Infectious Bacteria Researchers
Enigma Researchers develop novel method for assessing human/pathogen interactions in the natural environment

03 February 2016: Enigma Scientists launch The Food Bug Club

06 November 2015: Enigma scientists present research at the 18th International Conference on Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Related Organisms (CHRO)

24 June 2015: Prof. Peter Diggle delivers Presidential Address

03 June 2015: Prof. Dan Rigby elected to FSA Social Science Research Committee

07 April 2015: World Health Day 2015
Food Safety is still on the agenda when it comes to world health.

11 February 2015: Up in the Cloud, Bacteria’s the Word!
The Great British Bioscience Festival has been evaluated and guess what everyone was talking about?

23 December 2014: Wash Your Hands, Not Your Chicken!
Why there’s more still to do on getting the message across about cross-infection of Camplylobacter.

14 November 2014: A Twisted Bug’s life in the Gut“, London:
BBSRC’s Great British Bioscience Festival sees the return of the giant gut and other interactive activities to highlight the risks of Campylobacter and to help with ongoing research.

20 September 2014: A Twisted Bug’s Life“, Liverpool:
Enigma Project researchers showcase Campylobacter infection using a giant inflatable gut. Could you have stomached it?!