latest news / A Twisted Bug's Life, Liverpool

A Twisted Bug’s Life

Where: The World Museum, William Brown Street, Liverpool
When: Saturday 20 September 2014

Although creepy-crawly-phobics might disagree, it’s generally understood that the real bugs to be most wary of are not the multi-legged  kind but those that cause illness and disease.

The bug that is the subject of the Engima research project, Campylobacter, a typically spiral shaped species, was showcased at Liverpool’s World Museum recently by scientists from the University of Liverpool’s Institute for Infection and Global Health, keen to explain their research on this bacterium, a common cause of gastroenteritis.

The event, a preview of the exhibition to be shown at November’s BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council) Great British Bioscience Festival in London, provided the opportunity for kids and adults alike to get interactive and immerse themselves in a giant inflatable human gut to  learn more about Campylobacter infection, its symptoms and how the immune system responds to fight it.

Other activities, including making ‘twisted bug’ toys, doing interactive puzzles and undertaking hazard perception tests for food and the outdoors made for an extremely fun and educational day for all involved with feedback from both children and grown-ups being very positive.


A Twisted Bug’s Life – Liverpool Poster (Source: Institute of Infection & Global Health, University of Liverpool)