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As part of the Enigma Study Hazard Perception work, the team at the University of Manchester has developed a Watch-&-Click Video challenge that tests food safety awareness.

Do you know of any schools who would like to take part in the Food Safety Challenge?

This is a Watch-&-Click challenge, providing an excellent FREE resource for secondary schools.

Contact Caroline Millman to enrol your Year 7-11 classes –


The Food Bug Club is LIVE!fbc_black

Providing food safety awareness tools and information, visit the Food Bug Club website to find FREE food safety classroom resources.

As well as offering inspiring resources, the site provides an opportunity for food and science teachers to get pupils involved in current research.

We want Years 7-11 to take The Food Safety Challenge, a Watch-&-Click video test, with scores and feedback which will enhance school lessons or revision.

Have your pupils take The Food Safety Challenge to help provide a fun way of helping them to understand food safety.