the project / study 3 / - Parklife Hazard Perception


The parks and countryside we visit are full of life, large and small. Some of the tiny bugs or ‘pathogens’ that live in this environment can make us ill if we come into contact with them. There is no need to be scared, but it is a good idea to know how to reduce the chances of these bugs making us ill.

 Have a go at our quick video challenge to see if you can identify some of the ways people come in to contact with pathogens & could become ill.

What does it involve? 

  1. You will watch a short online video (3 minutes) of people out in the countryside
  2. You will interact with the film by clicking your mouse where & when you see a hazard, i.e. situations where people’s
    behaviour might increase their chances of swallowing germs. For example, by ending up with mucky hands
  3. You will receive individual scores and feedback on your answers.
  4. You will answer some questions about yourself.

 Take the challenge by clicking here